Monday, November 18, 2013

In My World

Written by Kimberly Roy, Centennial, Colorado

To people who do not know these beautiful people they often appear unreachable…lost in another world.  As the mother of an amazing 12 year old diagnosed with autism I have been blessed with the opportunity to look into his world.  The more he shows me, the more I know he is just another little boy.  This is a poem I wrote when he was three in 2004.
In My World
When people see me from the outside,
I look lost, and they wonder where I am.
But they should come and see me in my world,
Where I laugh and giggle and play pretend...
In my world I am just a little boy, with boats,
And cars, and airplanes that fly around.
And I’m happy when my mommy tickles me,
And spins me upside down.
In my world there’s a baby to kiss, a doggie to touch,
And I love to ride on trains again, and again,
And my Papa drives me in his big white truck,
And my Mama takes me in the summer to go swim.
In my world I love to paint pictures,
And on my swing I feel like I can fly,
And my daddy takes me to his work to ride go-carts,
And teaches me how to be a good Jedi.
In my world I drink lots of chocolate milk,
And chicken nuggets make me smile.
And my daddy makes the best macaroni and cheese,
And gives me a cookie every once in a while.
In my world I have a waterfall in my bath,
And I can act out my favorite shows again and again.
And my sister can reach me like no one else can,
In my life she has been a godsend.
In my world I crawl into bed at night
Feeling happy, safe and truly loved.
As my mommy reads me a book,
Gives me a kiss, and one last good night hug.
And as I sleep deep inside my world I am content,
But I can feel your hand gently reaching for me.
Longing to share all the beauty in your world,
You’re praying I will one day see.


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