Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism (Cammie Wollner)

Written by Cammie Wollner

Originally published at A Woman's Place

Earlier tonight I saw these words:
Last Monday, Autism Speaks told the world that autism is: . . . living in despair . . . fear of the future . . .exhausted, broken parents. . . lost, helpless, burdensome children. . .  a national emergencyIf that's not what autism is to you, join us on Monday November 18th for the "This is Autism" flashblog.
And I wondered if, as the parent of a child who was diagnosed less than two months ago, I really knew enough to say anything at all.  But at the same time I remembered how I first felt when I ventured out into the great big online world of autism information and how frightening it was and how utterly different much of what I read was from my experience and I in that moment I knew that I had to say something.  Besides, I couldn't help but think of those blogs that I stumbled upon that filled me with hope each time I read them.  So I went back, all of 68 days to bring you our little experience of Autism:

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