Monday, November 18, 2013

autism (by rattiepuff)

Written by and originally posted at rattiepuff

i can’t separate myself from it
it’s me myself and i
it’s how i can identify people a few feet away
by scent
and not have a clue what their faces look like
it’s having meltdowns
it’s being compassionate
loving animals
loving people
this is autism
learning languages easily
but having trouble communicating thoughts
being fascinated by how languages work
how they interact
how they change
how people learn
this is autism
it’s loving aac
thinking of new ways to develop
communication methods
ways for people with complex communication needs
autistic or not
to be acknowledged in the world
to have their voices heard
even if they’re nonverbal
their entire lives
this is autism
meltdowns are autism
frustration is autism
but the good parts
they’re autism too

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