Monday, November 18, 2013

you can't blaze this trail without us

Written by Chyanne’s @ChyannezSchpiel

Originally published at The *Real*Bloggin'Schpiel

I love somebody with Autism ~ I love many people with Autism or those who consider themselves Autistic or perhaps led lives undiagnosed or are still discovering how Autism touches their own lives.

Our youngest children have challenges that might at first glance appear to be “behavioural”.  I had always feared that term & since our son’s diagnosis have avoided using it.  I have felt put into a corner during a pre-interview for our local ABA services & felt that the term was being used to blame him for the things that he faced in his everyday life.  Was this because that is how it was framed or was this because he is bright & therefore would try to manipulate the situation?  Far from me to be an expert in the area of Autism or A.D.H.D. back then or even today, even I was guilty of tending to be so confused by his bright mind & his need to negotiate to the point that it would just became exhausting.

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