Monday, November 18, 2013

THIS IS AUTISM and its really quite (complicated and) great

Written by An Anonymous Newtown Autistic

Originally published at That Autistic that Newtown Forgot

 *A quick note on today’s flashblog ~ This is Autism.  In response to Suzanne Wright’s upsetting and fear-inducing letter entitled A Call for Action  a Flashblog has been organized to take back the phrase “this is autism”, which Suzanne Wright used several times in her letter that was posted on Autism Speaks’ website, the organization she and her husband Bob Wright created eight years ago.
(Flash blog explanation borrowed from )

This is Autism:
this is a life that sometimes catapults into hours of screaming but at other times amounts to hours of ruthless obsessive study of certain phenomenon
this is meowing in the hallways, moving hands up and down and walking without clear balance
and drawing for hours to try to capture the feelings which one had hours ago
This is Autism
this is having an outsider’s perspective on socializing, always ducking into a book or behind a laptop screen
this is experiencing not too little, but too much
being a devoted observer of background noises, of bright things behind people’s heads while they talk to you, of street signs, of birds and squirrels and trees
This is Autism
this is a culture of people who have little difficulty communicating with one another because they expect people who are autistic to never hold back the truth but to always ask before touching one another
this is a culture of those who think sitting on floors, flapping one’s hands and not making eye contact make perfect sense
this is a culture of people whose skills and abilities do differ and all of us come from differing circumstances,
but all of us know extreme levels of anxiety;
all of us are in tune with parts of the world that others routinely ignore;
all of us are well springs of emotion that are often poorly expressed;
almost all of us know the feeling of being lost and having no one to whom we can express very well the truths of our worlds
This is Autism
many of us can’t “speak” orally
many of us don’t know what the hell those faces your making are supposed to mean
but our minds are fountains:
fountains that sing with new and interesting thoughts
fountains full of ideas and possibilities
and even when we can’t vocalized
be assured that worlds are turning behind our eyes,
things are being thought,
knowledge is present

Suzanne Wright doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about
her autistic child has not grown up
if Mrs. Wright had not been drowned in medicalized discourses
to the point that she thinks a few differences in her child make it worthwhile to radically alter that child
perhaps she’d realize that her child has a future ahead of them!

A grand future!

Every one of us autistic individuals has a future and has contributions to make.
Autistic is not just a diagnosis turned into an identity, it’s a culture, it’s a way of life and it is a real community

To all who should ask:
This is Autism
in all of its complexity
This is Autism
they can never simplify it
we are not holes in the floor
or silent gaps in the conversation
This is Autism
even if we don’t have any idea what you meant to say
or even if we said the wrong thing in the wrong situation
This is Autism
and its really quite great!

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