Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Emerson

Written by and originally published at MondayMomNotes

Dear Emerson,

Hey there buddy. I am going to write you a letter that I hope I never need to show you. I have to do this because I am desperately afraid that someday you will see an open letter/blog posting put out this week by an organization that is called "Autism Speaks" and titled this "Autism Speaks to Washington-A Call for Action". I realize that realistically, the odds of you seeing this are pretty low. But I can't even imagine the impact this piece of writing would have on you if you ever did see it. 

You are new to this, as am I. Just 2 days ago, you heard me telling your dad about some historically retrospective diagnoses of Autism in people like Einstein and Edison. You thought Autism sounded AWESOME, since you have mad respect for Edison and his lightbulbs and thousands of failures before his success. So while you shoveled in your dinner, you swung your feet off the edge of the chair and said "What the heck is Autism?"

I admit I froze. Totally froze. 

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