Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism (Noelle Budde age 12)

Written by Noelle Budde
I’m a child with autism and I found this article offensive in so many ways.

Instead of my family struggling, I feel that my family has became stronger and healthier with my brother and I. I’ve never felt neglected or ignored in my life; I’ve sometimes felt like the center of attention. The last time I wet the bed was probably 4 (at the latest!).

“This is Autism”

Autism is people who have been blessed with amazing talents, but sometimes they struggle just like everyone around them. Did you know that most famous people in history have autism?! So since when has Autism become a crisis? Since when have people like me been forgotten? Since when have people with amazing brain wiring fell gravely ill?
My name is Noelle Budde (age 12)
And This is Autism.

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