Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism (Paige)

Written by Paige 

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For myself, my followers and This Is Autism flash blog. Submit your own to the This is Autism flash blog today, November 18, 2013, in response to the Autism Speaks’ degrading and false version. 
Autism is being autistic, not a person with autism, as if autism is an appendage.
Autism is part of who I am and non-separable from myself.
Autism is asking questions from a different perspective.
Autism is the self-awareness that I have this different perspective.
Autism is this different perspective and the questions that come with it making people stop to think for a minute.
Autism is a provider of unique and focused interests.
Autism is me being able to identify and bond more with animals than people sometimes and puts me in a better position to help them.
Autism is me being driven to save and rescue a cat on campus from my intense interest and love of animals, and helping her to find a forever home where she is warm and safe and well-fed.
Autism is me showing up at the humane society every weekend I can make it to help these animals.
Autism is being able to see the humanity in everyone because we know what it’s like to not be respected as fully human.
Autism is being able to have empathy despite being told by many that we do not feel in the correct way.
Autism is having feelings like any human being.
Autism is being human.
This is autism. 

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