Monday, November 18, 2013


Written by Nattily 

Originally published at Notes on Crazy

I think the whole of who I am as a person (or close enough) can be summed up in the ten seconds that just happened. I don’t consider myself an activist, but I am autistic, so while maybe this is not what the This Is Autism flashblog is really about, it’s what I’m contributing.
These mugs have an agenda.
These mugs have an agenda.
My coffee maker beeped. I went into the kitchen. I knew I had not run the dishwasher, so I grabbed a mug on the counter and went to wash it out. When dumping out the three day old cold coffee in said mug, a trace amount splashed menacingly onto the palm of my hand. While it was not enough to be visually perceptible, I could feel it. I let out an audible “meh” of disapproval, wiped off my hand, and opted for a different mug because clearly that one had some kind of vendetta against me. The cleaning out of mug #2 went much more smoothly, and I am not enjoying my coffee and the start of my day.
To me…this is autism. It is physically perceiving things others cannot. It is being unable to coherently verbalize when upset but effectively communicating anyway, even if it’s just to myself. It is deciding coffee mugs are not only sentient but bitter and possibly evil. And most of all, it is finding ways to adapt, ways that work for me, being totally fine after using these methods, and being able to acknowledge that maybe I don’t always make sense, but I always make sense of my world. That’s enough. It’s pretty awesome actually.

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