Monday, November 18, 2013

This is autism (Eli)

Written by Eli,

This is autism.

It is listening to a song while walking outside and being in another world, mouthing the words as I walk and tapping my fingers against my arms

It is relating so much to fictional characters that I am them and they are me

It is analyzing everything, it is when a book or a show I love is full of hidden treasures I can find if I think hard enough and connect all the logical links

It is analyzing fictional characters with passion, which in turn makes me better at understanding other people

It is a vivid, overactive imagination that allows me to travel to a thousand different worlds without having to move from my chair

It is the soft, soft and happy feeling of being covered with heavy blankets, like being in a pillow cloud, when I go to sleep

It is overwhelming happiness taking over my mind and body when someone shares an interest with me, when I start talking, talking, talking, when my mind goes too fast for my mouth and when sharing information makes me want to laugh and giggle because it makes me feel so good

It is jumping and bouncing on my chair in class, being unable to contain my excitement because we are talking about Shakespeare !! I love Shakespeare !!

It is crying of joy at theatre shows because I feel and see and hear everything so vividly that it feels like I am on stage with the actors

It is feeling free and like I am flying when I am finally able to let go and perform on stage and feel all the energy and the joy emanating from everyone

It is taking pictures of trees and of lakes because it fascinates me, it is staring at reflections in water because the beauty overwhelms me, it is sitting down and feeling serenity wash over me when I listen to water noises

It is feeling like flying whenever I swim, it is feeling whole

It is smiling and flapping my hands in disabled sports class because people understand me

It is me, this is autism, this is not sad, this is not a tragedy.

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