Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism is simply...HUMANITY in its PUREST FORM.

Written by Sandy Kinnamon
Autism is the love expressed in the eyes of my beautiful 3 year old daughter Emily, so deep and intense my heart nearly bursts.
Autism is the flappier her hands, the happier she is...on her tippy toes all the while
Autism is the 4 am waking giggles letting me know she doesn't merely exist, but is happy to be alive
Autism is the tears that come when she suddenly says, "I love you" or gives me a big wet kiss
Autism is the grabbing of my hand, that signals...I want to be with YOU Mommy, my best friend
Autism is the only thing that was capable of mending the tear in my once long ago broken heart.
Autism is simply...HUMANITY in its PUREST FORM.


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