Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism is... (flash blog)

Written by Verity

Originally published at SIDAutism

Autism is giggles and tickles. 

Autism is pulling all the pillows off the couch, laying them on top of your child, and then squishing him because he loves it so much! 

Autism is courage and honesty.

Autism is being hyper aware of all your child's achievements, and never missing even the smallest thing. 

Autism is laughter and love, and quirky humour. 

This is autism.

Autism is a whole other world unavailable to those not touched by autism. 

Autism is creativity. 

Autism is problem-solving. 

Autism is innovation. 

This is autism.

Autism is intelligent, even when non-verbal.

Autism is seeing, hearing, aware.

Autism is deep, pervasive empathy. 

Autism is a conduit to discovering deep internal reserves of resilience and positivity.

This is autism.

Autism is a means to connect with people whom we might otherwise have never met. 

Autism is colour, and music and sensory beauty. 

Autism is looking optimistically towards a future of our own design.

Autism is thinking outside the box. 

This is autism.

Autism is being willing to step away from conformity and living a unqiue experience. 

Autism is millions of different experiences, in millions of different lives. 

Autism is seeing the world through a different lens. 

Autism is food which doesn't touch. 

This is autism.

Autism is depth of knowledge on a wide range of wildly weird and wonderful topics. 

Autism is passionate. 

Autism is patterns, lights, shapes, sparkles. 

Autism is noticing tiny elements of beauty that others overlook.

Autism is stuff that spins.  

This is autism.

Autism is at least 1% of all human life. 
It has value. 
It has beauty. 
It has warmth. 
It has love. 
It has joy. 
It adds to our world.

This is autism.

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