Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism means time is never enough

Written by HC

Originally published at Happily Clueless

Why? Because...
... things need to be done well, no matter how long it takes
... other thoughts, and sights, and smells sometimes get in the way, and they are oh so interesting
... getting lost in one's work makes everything else disappear - even time
... everyday chores may need a thorough planning beforehand
... non-routine chores need more planning
... the appropriate response to time pressure is actually slowing down and thinking things through, to avoid confusion
... one's favourite activities deserve a lot of time
... a lot of slack time is necessary, to recover from social interaction and changes in routine.
Can it be difficult sometimes? Yes, of course... but if this approach to time is embraced instead of opposed and corrected, life can go on just fine.
And you know what? It is not only about time. It is about every single, small thing that Neurodiversity brings.

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