Monday, November 18, 2013

Child Development, time to step up the science.

Written by Mary Tormey

Originally published at Science is a Process not a Deity

Developmental science is going to have to step up the logic if it wants to be seen as real science. First of all, accurate measurement is necessary, don't even try to measure things like empathy and friendliness, because they can not be measured objectively. Second, stop overgeneralizing. I am not a mouse or rat, I am a specific person with specific needs. Third the focus of controlling behavior is selfish and not in the best interests of children. It is wrong to try and change behavior without understanding it. Repetitive behaviors are a good thing and should be made more productive by slow transitioning, not extinguished. Forth give children the presumption of innocence, you need to be on their side. Recognize that trying to condition a person to do something they are not ready, for can do serious damage. Fifth understand that hidden physical differences interfere with health and senses, don't assume a child is being defiant when they don't do what you want, assume they need extra support.

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