Monday, November 18, 2013

I am H: This is Autism

Created by Leah Kelley and H

Originally published at Thirty Days of Autism: Leah Kelley

H is proud to share this image. I love his PRIDE!
Rail against the stigma!!

H-thisisautism2Last Monday, Autism Speaks told the world that autism is:
 . . . living in despair  . . . fear of the future  . . . exhausted, broken parents  . . . lost, helpless, burdensome children  . . . a national emergency . . .  along with other equally stigmatizing and ableist messages.

We do NOT concur!

A Quiet Week in the House FB Cover to shareWhen H saw the new cover image that I am proudly wearing on my fb page to support this project, he let out an awesome yell…

He explained to me that he was yelling ‘Sparta Style’:

“This is AUTISM!!”

It boomed across the house!

“This is AUTISM!!”

I love his pride!!


Rail against the stigma!!

This post is part of the This is Autism Flash Blog, (November 18, 2013) and is open to autistic individuals as well as parents, family members and allies of autistic people. Please consider participating and telling the world what autism is in the words and works of autistic people and those who love and support them. You can read more about participation and submission guidelines on the site (linked above) and you are encouraged to signal boost and support and follow this project on FB and Twitter @ThisisAutism.

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