Monday, November 18, 2013

My contribution to the “This is Autism” Flashblog

Written by Jenn M. B.

I’m an autistic adult. I’m willing to actively speak out about what it means to be autistic from an expert who has been autistic my entire life. I personally think that it’s best to ask autistic adults what is going through their minds and to gather their thoughts about what is being said about them online. I think that the phrase, ‘Nothing about us, without us” is one that the Autistic Community should adopt and use, if they don’t use it already. I think that being an autistic adult means that we should be leading the way in autism acceptance. I think that being Autistic means that I am still Jenn but I ask that you respect how I identify myself; I prefer Autistic or Autistic person rather than person with autism,  respect me as a person, and get to know me before you judge me.  I think that being Autistic means that while I view the world differently from NTs I still am a person and I deserve your support, love, kindness and compassion.

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