Monday, November 18, 2013

Raising Rebel Souls: This is Autism

Written by Heather Clark

Originally published at Raising Rebel Souls

This is Autism.

This is tiny fingers working together to form shapes like diamonds.

This is beautiful curves of string twisting through the air.  

This is singing songs of the nursery before speaking.

This is swinging over the world to peace.

This is expressing joy through hands.

This is tippy toe dancing.
This is extra tight hugs.

This is knowing the Alphabet.

This is communication clear of words.

This is spinning like the Earth goes round the sun.

This is fascination for the marvelous that most people miss.

This is my family, the ones I love unconditionally, the ones who show me how.

 This is Autism.

This poem was written in honor of my Autistic children and for the This is Autism Flash Blog, a collective response to the damaging work of Autism Speaks against the Autistic community and their loved ones. We cannot let them define Autism as they use fear and hate to do so. Please speak out today and every day. Autism Speaks does not speak for my family.

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