Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism (Cecilia Therese)

Written by Cecilia Therese

Originally published at Autistic Catholic

How sad that Autism is so vilified by Autism Speaks. I have to say, as someone who is autistic, that I don't think autism is the death sentence they make it out to be. 

As a child I always knew I was different. My parents were highly protective of me and my siblings. No one was alowed to call us names or speak poorly of us, even if that person thought we couldn't hear what was being said. I remember my dad yanking me out of Brownies, of which I thought was boring, because some parents who were chatting together called the lot of us Gremlins. I adored my parents for their passionate support of us. They didn't want me to feel like I was less than God's child. They wanted me to know I had dignity within me that no one had the right to trample on. 

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