Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Autism (LMS)

Written by LMS

I am not autistic. I am not a parent or sibling of an autistic person. I have, however, learned an incredible amount of invaluable knowledge about disability, autism, self-advocacy, and strength from autistic self-advocates from every part of the autism spectrum. The autistic community is filled with people who are willingly and powerfully speaking about how autistics and non-autistics alike can work to make the world an autistic-friendly place. In the age of internet and technology, it has never been easier to listen to autistics. Because I took the time to listen and step away from people and organizations trying to silence autistic voices, my definition of autism has changed drastically. Today I say This is Autism: People from all walks of life fighting for their rights in the world and for their voices to be heard.

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