Monday, November 18, 2013

This is My Autism (Gomer Kierkegaard)

Written by Gomer Kierkegaard

The truest thing I’ve ever heard, lately anyway, is the new Old Saying, “When you’ve met one Autistic, you’ve met one Autistic.” The idea of providing the underlying definition demanded by the statement “This is Autism” makes me uncomfortable; I can’t possibly speak to the whole spectrum. I have neither the ability nor the experience to do it justice. So, instead, I’ll give you This is My Autism.

My son was born a plane in a world of boats. I have been awarded the privilege of taking part in his journey  down river , helping him figure out how to float when he needs to, fly when he can, and not swallow too much water along the way.  We feel neither pity nor anger for those who cannot fly and expect the same when we have a little trouble staying afloat. So far, it’s been amazing.

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