Monday, November 18, 2013


Written by Kimberly Dulek-Wheeler

It’s rather difficult for me to even put into words what Autism means for my family and I.  I would rather tell you how it has changed us for the better, and what I find to be the most challenging part of Autism (hint: it’s NOT Autism!).  Having a child with Autism has humbled my husband and I.  We don’t take anything for granted anymore.  We have a great appreciation for even the simplest, smallest, most trivial things.  It has broadened our horizons and shown us beauty, joy, love, kindness, humor, perseverance and hope beyond anything we could ever have imagined.  It has brought amazing people into our lives, both close to home and far abroad.  It has taught us to never stop learning, never stop fighting, and never give up.  We now take each day, each moment, for what it is, and cherish even the smallest highlight.  As I alluded to before, it’s not AUTISM that is the most challenging for us.  Rather, awareness, acceptance, and support from SOCIETY is what is lacking.  We are all people, all with a voice (yes, even those who are nonverbal), all just as worthy as any other human.  We do not merely exist.  We LEARN.  We LOVE.  WE LIVE!

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