Monday, November 18, 2013

Written by Kmarie

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Autism became a part of our family's vocabulary when my son was four, followed by my diagnosis and my daughter's. Autism means innocent ways of perceiving the world. My children expect the best from people and they trust with sweet innocence until that trust is broken. Autism means deep feelings of joy and deep feelings of pain. This intensity is never boring and each day is adventure. Autism takes the mundane and creates interest.

The hidden brain of an Autistic is full of wonder. We need these brains to make our world go round, just like we need Nuerotypical brains. Without Autism we would not have many of these famous people:

Perhaps it would help to hear opinions of those closest to me:

From my six year old son (as told to me), "Autism means really good stuff to me. Like they can be very happy sometimes and fun like a child."

From my eight year old son (told to me),"I think sometimes we have a hard time and people need to make it easier but there are a lot of things that are good about it. I'm smart. I don't know for sure how other people think but I feel I am a bit different in both good and bad ways and I like who I am."

My ten year old daughter, "Autism makes my mother witty, and she can be like us sometimes. I like to take care of her and she takes care of me. We bring much joy. She's actually good at speaking to people and teaching people even though at times she can be socially awkward if she doesn't get the jokes. She has learned to laugh at herself and makes others laugh too. I want to be like her and feel so lucky that I share Autism with her. She is more fun than most adults."

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