Monday, November 18, 2013

Written by A mom

/Autism, for my family is very different than for some families. I have had many days when I anticipate my child’s next move. For her safety and my own. We do share many of the traits referred to in Ms. Right’s post, her call to action that angered so many people. But we are living, Ms. Right. Through the meltdowns, the wet beds, the accidents on the floor, the non-verbalness, the non-Pecs using, the all nighters, the fear, the depletion - all of it. Sometimes there is momentary despair. Because it’s hard. It can be really really hard. But we are living, Ms. Right. It is wrong to say otherwise. We are very much living. You are right, it is an issue that demands national attention and help. Because we are living. Not because we are not living./

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