Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism is grateful. (Nathan, age 9)

Written by Nathan, age 9

Autism is grateful. You can do all kinds of stuff. I heard that autism is very nice. That we respect the world when we have autism. We can help other people that can have autism.  People who have autism are cool because you can kind of control something and it’s fun to control something.  I can control being angry when I hit my sisters. I do that by taking a deep breath and go apologize. It’s great to make other people feel happy. It makes me feel happy. Other people can help you help the world with your autism. You have to take a deep breath and tell them the truth about what you can do.  And what you can do is amazing. I am happy I have autism because  I have a great family and great friends and a great world. That’s it. It’s good.

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