Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism is

Written by Lori Woodward 16/11/2013

Autism is
AUTISM IS breaking out of a Chrysalis, becoming a thing of beauty
Responding to love, learning to respond
AUTISM is about breaking expectations
If you only could see the world I see it
With eyes that God gave me
My ears that hear the songs of birds, the music in the rain, the patterns of the raindrops on the window pane
My eyes that see in details each finite little thing
To see and search I get overwhelmed by beauty, my heart, if only you could hear it sing
The universe, we learn, all through quantum physics and string theory
Eyes to see the harmonics, each to its own frequency
Its really a song of love and harmony
Autism is not a curse, but a gift and a blessing
A tremendous responsibility
As I mature and understand the present within me
And what I can to the world bring
You’ll see it’s a thing of endearment, for those who truly care
Enough to teach me how to hug, and respond to love
You’ll find the secret there ….

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