Monday, November 18, 2013

Autism #thisisautism (by Herobrine2)

Written by Herobrine2 (who is almost 11)

Originally posted at Paula C. Durbin-Westby

as we all know autism $peaks and many other anti autism sites have all kinds of stuff about the so called "higher mortality rate"than neurotypicals and autism is worse than various types of things like cancer,aids,measles ect combined. According to my research test called "having commen sence"autism kills more people than a single hair,a solitary baby duck feather and a solitary spec of dust combined.

 Neither of these things kill people so i geuss autism does not kill people either.                                    

Autism speaks is trying to find a cure for autism because they are mostly neurotypicals and they feel uncomfortible with us so they just want to make us act like them.There most recent article "this is autism"made many people who once supported autism speaks now do not and even some of there employes have quit working for them. so bacily shot them selfs in the foot.

Q.has autism speaks found a cure for autism?                                                                                                                                                   Autism $peaks has not found a cure for autism so why on earth don't they just give up and forget about it.But they are so confident that they will find a cure some day in the future so they  will  continue to spend tons of money on trying to find a cure. It's like trying to start a car with no gas and  thinking that you can start it and you can't start it but you just dont just give up.that is what autism speaks needs to do,give up and stop wasting money that could be used to help autisic people who don't need to be cured but need support that costs money. As i pointed out once that autism speaks is "accepting"autism i said "curing us Is not accepting us at all"it is trying to get rid of us.On the autism speaks logo it says"it's time to listen",to who.It should say "it's time to listen to autistics'',but sadly it does not :(. So instead it should say,

"autism speaks, is time to shut up and listen to autistic people"

(This guest post was written by Paula's son, who is almost 11.)

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