Monday, November 18, 2013

LIEF - The Invisible Visible Woman: A Change Grows In Brooklyn

Written by by Patricia Elaine Chandler

I was born to take on the world before I could walk or talk or see or hear or feel or taste or Know who I was destined to be.

God appointed me, guardian of the children. God forgot to tell me I would have to grow up to do it.

Even now, I am still growing up, changing before God's eyes, and in my mind, before my very eyes too.

Ok, enough with the philosophical musings, because what I am about to say, in telling you my story, is not philosophical in nature.

It is real, it is factual, it is about me; the invisible woman on the very real, visible Autism Spectrum.
All I keep hearing is, "Everybody Has A Story". Well,  I am not everybody.

I Am Me. And This IS Autism!

All I keep hearing is, "You're Not The Only One". Well, yes, I am the only one. The only one who has has the personal experiences I have had.

I Am Me. And This IS Autism!

For the last 50 years, my experience have been simultaneously tragic and divine. They are mine. They belong to me, and only me. No one else, but me.

I Am Me. And This IS Autism!

When I come to the end of my story, you will understand, know and agree, I Am The Only One. The Invisible Visible Woman, on the Autism Spectrum, because Like Unconditional Love is Blind, So Is AUTISM ..... or at least, it should be.

I AM ME. And This IS Autism!

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