Monday, November 18, 2013

To the ones who want my son to disappear

Written by -Beth Klingbiel (mom to Nathan)

To the ones who want my son to disappear:
Here is a glimpse of who you want to fix…..who you want to eradicate….
Imagine a little boy who is
Silly and finds humor and joy in life.  This little boy is
Intelligent and can be
Serious about things that he feels passionately about.
Also, even though he communicates and perceives things differently, he
Understands everything he sees and hears.  This little boy
Trusts that his mom and his dad will advocate for him until he can do it himself.
I am so proud to be his mom.
Sure life is different, but different is not less.  
Mostly, he just wants to be accepted and loved for who he is.  And he is.

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