Monday, November 18, 2013

Written by Marsha - Portland, Oregon

A 10yo boy who knows all the styles of garbage truck on sight by their geometry, has intuited the geographic boundaries of all the local haulers, knows the maker of the glass vs. recycle vs. compost bins on sight, also by their geometry, and whenever we pass a bin, he must stop, crack the lid, close his eyes and sample the aroma. The sound of the robotic arm, the lift, the packing cycle compressing, pushing contents into hopper, unlocking his earliest memories… He draws schematics of the 6 trucks that will be part of his future fleet. Our conversations veer into industrial design, business management, work-life balance, his innate desire to treat his future employees with integrity & compensate commensurate to hard work. His exquisite perceptual access to the world around him should be prized and sought. Never whitewashed.

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