Monday, November 18, 2013

Written by Tammy
Originally published at Fumbling Through Autism
This is my daughter Beth, 5.5 years old, who has autism:
Beth as a Farmer, Halloween 2013
Beth as a Farmer, Halloween 2013
Beth is a warm, sweet, and fun little girl. Autism in our family means Beth:
  • is a sensory kid, who is integrating her senses in her own time
  • understands more than she can speak, including empathy
  • needs support to learn new things, but with the right supports can learn almost anything
  • shows us her unique developmental path, when we look for subtle non-verbal readiness signs
  • is growing more independent and developing every day, especially when we allow her space to grow and foster her interests
  • has her own ideas about the world, when others have the patience to wait, observe, and listen
  • likes to stim (flapping, vocalizations, watching movements such as spin) and it helps her relax, and lets me know when she is uncomfortable
  • loves her family and friends, and shows it by smiles and wanting to “just be” with them
  • is my daughter, but she is also my greatest teacher
Autism in our family means the above and much more.  But it does not mean the panic, hopelessness, and fear that Autism Speaks wishes to spread in order to fund their agenda. Autism Speaks does not speak for us.

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